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Star Seeker

March, 2024


Star Seeker was created for the course Green Games, which explores the intersection of digital games and the environment, highlighting ways to integrate environmental elements into gameplay and utilize nature as more than just a backdrop to a story. I was inspired to create Star Seeker after struggling with my astrophotography due to light pollution in Los Angeles. This led me to speculate on what this light pollution might look like in ten years, twenty years, or even one hundred years.

Star Seeker is a single-player adventure narrative game. The game follows Comet, a young boy who begins questioning the confines of his sheltered, futuristic city with a clouded night sky. He embarks on an immersive journey to uncover his city's secrets by interacting with its inhabitants. His ultimate goal is to reach the mountains outside the city to witness the stars for the first time.

I was responsible for game development, narrative creation, and producing several art assets. Star Seeker was created in Bitsy, with the help of Borksy Game Hacker and Pixsy.

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Los Angeles, California

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